Introduction: How to Make a LED Balloon

Hi guys,

this is a simple instructable on how to make a LED balloon. The ballon lights up in the dark which looks great. You can use this balloon as decoration at parties.

All you need is

  • a single LED diode. Look for ultra bright LED diodes. I would go for white LEDs, which work best for all kind of colors of balloons. You can get 100 diodes for around 2$ here.
  • 2xAG13 button cell batteries. A single AG13 batteries only gives you half the voltage you need, but is small enough to be put through the opening of the balloon. They are cheap and can be easily found in stores. You can get them online e.g. here.
  • Electrical insulating tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Power the LED

  • In order to get sufficient voltage, put the AG13 batteries on top of each other. Make sure that the top cap (negative, -) of the first battery touches the bottom (positive,+) of the second battery.
  • The long leg of the LED diode is positive, the short leg negative. The positive flat bottom of the AG13 batteries has to touch the long leg of the diode, the negative top cap the short leg.
  • Now wrap electrical insulating tape around the legs of the LED and the batteries. The LED diode should light up!

Step 2: Put the LED in the Balloon

  • Carefully put the battery/LED combo through the opening of the balloon.
  • Blow air from your lungs into the ballon. Stop before the balloon risks popping. Tie the balloon.

You are finished and ready to party! :-)