Introduction: How to Make a Lego Minifig Sniper+RPG

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a minifig sniper and RPG. Steps 1-4 are for the sniper, and steps 5 and 6 for the RPG. This one DOES have steps, unlike my last super easy minifig gun Instructable. Enjoy!

Step 1: Sniper Parts

For the sniper, you will need:

A piece that looks kinda like a video cam with a trigger

A 1x1 circular stud

A binoculars piece

A 1x1 cheese slope

2 rods of similar length

2 minifig hands

A 2-sided peg

A disk piece

1 lightsaber hilt

Step 2: Butt and Scope/sniper Body

For the sniper butt, connect the cheese slope and video cam thing as shown. For the scope, attach the 1x1 stud and binoculars, then connect it to the camera thing. It should then look like the pictures.

Step 3: Barrel Part 1

For the first part of the barrel, stick a rod into the sniper body to a preferable length. Then, attach the minifig hands as shown. Finally, connect the peg to the end of the rod. You can stop here if you like it better this way, but I think it looks cooler with the elongated barrel.

Step 4: Barrel Part 2

For the second part of the barrel, first attach the other rod to the open side of the peg. Then, slide the disk piece onto the rod so the stud is facing the body. Finally, connect the lightsaber hilt to the end of the rod, and you are done the sniper!

Step 5: RPG Parts

For the RPG, you will need:

A 1x1 cone

A telescope piece

A lightsaber hilt

A goblet

A megaphone

Step 6: The RPG

For the RPG, just connect the pieces as shown, and then you are done! If you liked this, please comment and follow! It would be greatly appreciated!