Introduction: How to Make (Yet Another) Lego Fighter Droid

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make... Yep, another Lego Droid. It isn't super different from the other ones, but I am posting it anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Parts

For this Instructable, you will need:

3 robo-arms

3 small spikes

An octo-plate

A peg with stud

A binoculars piece

A droid body

2 1x1 plates w/ clips

At least one round 1x1 stud

A Ninjago skeleton leg

A phone piece

At least 2 droid arms

2 arm-thingies with holes on the end (optional)

2 T-bars (optional)

Step 2: Legs

Either just copy them from my first Instructable (make sure to leave out the dome part), or copy the pics.

Step 3: The Lasers

For the lasers, attach the binoculars to the peg w/ studs, and then stick the peg end into the hole at the bottom of the octo-plate. (Yes, there is a hole.) (Sorry about the hand, it's my baby brother...)

Step 4: The Body

First, attach a round 1x1 stud to the bottom of a clip plate. Then, clip it onto the bottom of the droid body. Next, put together a translucent 1x1 stud and the Ninjago skeleton leg. Attach it to where the droid's normal "head" would go on the body-this will serve as the "eye". Now, put 2 droid arms on the droid body. After that, put the body on the legs by squeezing the 1x1 on the clip between all 4 studs on the octo-plate, but make sure you push hard! It should then look like the final pic.

Step 5: The Jetpack

For the jetpack, you can either follow the pictures, or follow the instructions from here. Make sure you leave out the first 2 steps of that, though!

Step 6: *Optional* Extra Arms

If you want to, you can add more arms. You can do this by attaching the T-bars and arms with hole-thingies as shown, and then attach the droid arms. Then, connect them to the octo-plate as shown(sorry for the bad pics).

Step 7: DONE!!!

You have officially finished this Instructable! Yay! If you liked this, then please follow and comment! Cya!