Introduction: How to Make a Lego Stop Motion

About: I’m an 8th grader that likes making instructables and looking at instructables. I REALLY like MARVEL and STAR WARS. I haven’t made an instructable in a while, but I am planning on doing another soon.

Hi, this is my first instructable and I hope you like it. It is supposed to teach anyone how to create a basic stop motion. I have created a lot of stop motions with legos before so I hope you enjoy!


Legos (Bricks, minifigures, baseplates) Baseplates are optional
Camera(phone, iPad)
The apps, Stop motion Studio and IMovie

Step 1: Get Your Scene Ready

Grab your legos and create your scene of what’s happening. Use your minifigures, bricks, and baseplates if you are using baseplates. Remember you can make your movie anything you want!

Step 2: Get Your Camera Ready

Personally I use my iPad for my stop motions because it has a stand, but if you don’t have a stand you can hold your phone or iPad, but there are also videos on YouTube to teach you how to make a stand out of legos for your phone.

Step 3: Open Stop Motion Studio App

If you haven’t gotten the stop motion studio app yet then get it on your phone or iPad (the app is free) Then open the app and if you want watch the tutorial stop motion which is called Big Fish. Then select new movie and wait there

Step 4: Start Making Movie

Well you finally made it to the hardest part. So start with choosing what movie speed you want your movie to be at. To get there click the symbol that looks like a gear. I recommend starting with a small speed like 6 or 7 if your are a beginner at stop motion. The higher movie speed the more pictures you have to take for your movie. So with your scene start by taking 3 or 4 pictures of that. Then move your minifigures a little bit and take 2 pictures of that. Keep repeating this process with changing your scenes and having a story. This process takes a long time, but in the end it comes out great. Remember your movie can be about anything. Be creative and have fun!

Step 5: Add Voicing/music to Your Movie

You finished the hard part. Nice job! Now these last two steps will be optional. If you don’t want to add voicing or music to your movie then that’s totally fine. To add music or voicing in the app stop motion studio press the symbol that looks like a microphone. Then press record and it will give you a 3 second countdown. Then turn on your music or start talking. For talking if you want you can have a script. If you mess up you can always redo your voicing.

Step 6: Export Movie to IMovie

Again this step is also optional, but I recommend it because you can edit a lot more things. To do this go to the home part in the stop motion app that has all of the movies you have made. Then press select and select your movie. Then press the box with an arrow in it. From there press export movie and choose to export it to iMovie. It will take you into iMovie and then you press create new movie and then your stop motion will be in iMovie.

Step 7: Final Product

And now you have your final product which is your stop motion whether it’s exported to iMovie or not. I have a video of one of my short stop motions here. Thank you for reading my first instructable. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you learned how to make a stop motion. Good luck with your stop motions in the future.

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