Introduction: How to Make Any Headband Out of Paper

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Hi, today I am making an instructable on how to make any headband out of paper, but just saying, I am making my headband a Diary of a Wimpy Kid one, but yours can be any type of headband


Any type of stickers(optional)
At least 3 sheets of any type of paper(just in case)
Tape, glue, or a stapler
Colors(markers, crayons, colored pencils)

Step 1: Cut Your Paper

This step is somewhat pretty easy, but what you are basically doing is cutting out your paper in strips and seeing how much strips you have to put together to get the headband to fit on your head in the last step. So don’t tape or glue or design yet you are just cutting for now.

Step 2: Start Designing Your Headband

Now you are going to design your headband with whatever design you want. On all the strips you cut out add drawings or stickers anything you want. You don’t have to do this, but for me, I took one strip of paper and I put the logo of the theme I am doing. So if I am doing Star Wars, I would put the Star Wars logo on one strip. For the logo thing this is where you may want to use your computer and printer if you want to print the logo instead of drawing the logo.

Step 3: Start Taping or Stapling Your Strips Together.

If you want to use glue you can, but I find using tape or a stapler to put the strips together is easier. Also remember if you have a logo make sure to put it in the front when you are putting together the strips. So you are basically just putting together all the strips to get to a headband that can fit on your head. If it’s too small then cut another strip and if it’s too big then take off a strip.

Step 4: Put Your Headband on Your Head

And now you are done with your headband! So now that you are done you can put it on your head and it can be a little costume thing for you. You can also always add more drawings or stickers to your headband for more color! Thanks for reading my instructable and I hope you like your headband!

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