Introduction: How to Make a Macaron Tower

I am a thirteen year old girl who has a passion for baking. About a year ago I started baking and I instantly fell in love with it. One baked good that I love to make are macarons. They may be hard to make, but, with a little practice, you can become a master macaron maker!

Prepare your favorite macaron recipe, and let's get started!

Step 1: Cover Your Cake in Fondant and Decorate

First I prepared an eight inch round cake dummy by covering it in white fondant. Next I covered the side of the cake with royal icing dots that form the letter "u" (as seen in the picture above). I then piped a boarder at the bottom and top of the cake. This first step is optional but, it is really worth it, and it makes your macaron tower look even more impressive.

Step 2: Pat Down the Dots

I learned this technique when I was making cream puffs, and I thought I could use in piping. You know when you are piping something, and then when you release pressure from your piping bag so the frosting "disconnects" from the rest of the frosting in the bag? Anyway, when you pipe something out there is always a small "tip" if you know what I mean. Getting back to the decorating, use a bit of water on the tip of your finger to pat down those "tips" so you get a flat surface that almost looks like a sprinkle or bead.

Step 3: Insert a Flower Into the Top of a Foam Cone

Start by putting a fake flower into the top of a foam cone. This with hide extra foam at the top that can't be covered by a macaron.

Step 4: Insert Toothpicks Into the Foam Cone

Insert toothpicks into the side of your cone about an inch or two apart from each other. These will be used to hold the macarons onto the cone.

Step 5: Put Your Macarons on the Cone

Stick your macarons onto the toothpicks.

Step 6: Put Your Macaron Tower on the Prepared Cake Base

You can put your tower on your cake base with a bit of royal icing. I did not just so I can reuse the base.

Step 7: You Are Done! Enjoy Your Macarons!

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