Introduction: How to Make a Mecanum Robot With Suspension

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Mecanum wheels are often used to build a competition robot, which can do omni-directional movement. When the number of mecanum wheels is greater than 3, the wheels may be non-coplanar. That why the suspension system is invented. This instructables will show you how to build a 4WD mecanum car with independent suspension.

Step 1: The Frame

Parts list:

4 x Beam 0824 - 320

2 x Beam 0824 - 080

8 x Thread drive beam M4x40

4 x Plate 45°

8 x Nylon spacer

The chassis consists of a frame and 4 motor-wheel modules. Let's finish the frame first.

Step 2: The Motor and the Parallel Four-link

Parts list:

4 x 25mm Encoder Motor

4 x Plate 7x9

8 x Thread drive beam

8 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Shaft collar

Step 3: Mount the Four-link to the Frame

Parts list:

8 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Shaft collar

Step 4: The Suspension Spring and the Link Rods

Parts list:

4 x Suspension Spring

8 x Triangle plate 6x8

4 x Thread shaft M4

4 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Nylon stud

12 x Nylon spacer

4 x thrust bearing

16 x Shaft collar

8 x Rod end bearing

Step 5: Do the Last Step for 3 Times More

Step 6: The Circuit Boards

Parts list:

1 x Makeblock Orion

2 x Encoder Motor Driver

1 x Makeblock USB Host

1 x Wireless USB joypad

3 x RJ25 cable

Step 7: Do Some Magic to the Arduino-based Board ---- Makeblock Orion

The code is the same as the last project: How to Make an All-direction Vehicle with Mecanum Wheels

Most of the parts can be found here: