Introduction: How to Make a Mike Stand

I went into the kitchen instead of the audio shop and look what happened.

Step 1: Plastic - Its Fantastic

Hi guys!

I got two mikes from my metal friends and they had mike holders but no stands.

I wanted to put them on a table to record people talking so i needed table stands.

At the time I was seriously broke so I didnt even bother to see what they cost in a shop.

I looked around at home and found two plastic plates in the kitchen.

Step 2: Screw It

The mike holders seemed to be M9 in the thread. I think the number stands for millimeter.

It was hard to find, only M8 and M10 bolts seems to be common.

This annoyed my sense for fitting things for a while.

Then the need to fix things took over so I bought a rod of M8 thread and some nuts and washers for $1.

Step 3: Glue It

I cut the M8 thread into short pieces with a grinder and put them into the too big M9 holes and filled them up with normal glue.

Its the cheapest typical glue you find next to pens and scissors in the supermarket.

Step 4: Drill It

I drilled a hole in the middle of the plate and put on a washer and a nut and screwed it tight.

Step 5: Done!

Mike stands, almost for free.

Hope this helpes someone.