Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Skyscraper

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I have made a city called Obsidian City, and it’s coming along REALLY well. The first thing I did was build a skyscraper and it was about a 2 hour process. Let’s learn how to make one in my very first Instructable!!!


You will need

Glazed terracotta white


Red carpet

Dark oak doors



Red stained glass

Step 1: Frame

For the frame use your white terracotta and make it at least 36 blocks high. Hey, it’s a skyscraper, it’s meant to be high. This will sum up to 8 floors. Got 36 blocks high? Good. Make it 10 blocks wide in front and 16 blocks on the side. Now you’re getting it!

Step 2: Fill It In.

Just fill it in. We will make the floor and glass last.

Step 3: Floors, Lots of Floors.

Did the last step? Good, now let’s make floors! Each floor should measure to about 4 blocks but yours (the top one) will measure to 5. For the flooring technique I suggest making it that when you jump you actually jump but you touch the roof. Four blocks. Make the lobby first! Add a villager or two behind a glass wall for a clerk. It’s even better if it’s a clerk! Next go up, do the same thing and make another room on the same floor. It’s like roommates. Keep doing that until you get to the last three floors. The first of the three will be your office, the second of the three will be the club. The third and tallest floor is your floor. Do not add another floor when you get to the top because this is the luxury apartment that is yours. The club is a little different. You need red glass and replace all the white terra-cotta with glass. Also, make sure you just do that for the club not the whole building. Your apartment will need one big window on any side.

Step 4: Decorate!

My favorite part of the project was decorating. If all goes according to plan you should have 8 floors and 12 rooms. Make your lobby look cozy! Add a book nook and a couch. On the next floor why not add a bedroom and a library? It’s your skyscraper, your decorating. But necessary step. Remember how I said you needed diamond and a red carpet? This is what you do with it ;)

Step 5: And Done!

Fun right? Thanks for doing this Instructable with me and be sure to like this and follow me. Byeeeeee!