How to Make a Miniature Burj Khalifa Model




Introduction: How to Make a Miniature Burj Khalifa Model

HeIlo Guys, in this project I'm making a miniature model of the burj khalifa. I've converted the magnificent Burj Khalifa ( Tallest tower in the world, i.e 828 meters) into a model which measures around 15 cm.

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Step 1: Gather in All Your Materials

Gather these items :

1. White Paper of dimensions 21x12 cm.


3.Aluminium foil


5.A Pen ( or a small lightweight hammer )

Step 2: Roll the Rectangular Paper

Roll the rectangular paper into cylinders with the height being 12 cm. Glue the end of the paper to make sure that the roll doesn't spread out. Make 12 identical rolls like this.

Step 3: Take an Aluminium Foil

Cut an aluminium foil of the same dimensions as that of the paper.

Step 4: Carding the Aluminium Foil

Flatten the Aluminium foil and make sure that it's not wrinkled by running a card through it.

Step 5: Cover the Paper Rolls With the Aluminium Sheet

Cover the paper rolls with the Aluminium sheet and stick its end. Also make a crease at the back side of the rolls. Do this the same for all 12 paper rolls.

Step 6: Cut the Rolls in a Way Similar to This

Cut the rolls and arrange it in descending order cutting 1 cm more from the previous roll. Don't cut the starting roll as it will be the apex of the miniature building. The cutting for the rolls should be something like this ( 0 cm, 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm, 9 cm, 10 cm, 11 cm )

Step 7: Now Arrange 10 Rolls in a Triangular Form

Now arrange 10 rolls in a triangular form. Do this by arranging them with the help of the crease made. Finally paste these using glue to make the tower intact. Check the picture for reference.

Step 8: Make the Base With the Remaining 2 Rolls

With the remaining 2 rolls make the base of the burj khalifa and stick it to the bottom of the tower. Color the top base roll with black or just roll a black tape around it.

Step 9: Roll a Small, Very Thin Paper Roll and Cover It With Aluminium Sheet

Roll a small, very thin paper roll and cover it with aluminium sheet and cut it slightly tilted as shown in the picture. And this will demonstrate the rod at found at the pinnacle of the burj khalifa.

Step 10: Stick the Small Paper Roll (rod) to the Highest Point of Our Burj Khalifa Model

Stick the small paper roll (rod) to the highest point of our burj khalifa model. And there you go with our glamorous burj khalifa. It's ready to be displayed. I've converted the magnificent Burj Khalifa ( Tallest tower in the world, i.e 828 meters) into a model which measures around 15 cm. Thank you !!!

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    Interesting way to make miniature models. Thanks for sharing.


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    Thanks Bro : ) : ) : )