Introduction: How to Make a Motor From Neodymium Magnets

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Ever wondered what a strong magnet(Neodymium magnet) can do? It can surely demonstrate the working of a motor. Watch the video and perform a rotating fan motor experiment at home. Demonstrate to your friends or in science fairs and amaze everyone with what physics can do.

Note: The AA cell in this project works in a shorted state, so will get discharged soon. It is recommended to use rechargeable cells. But do not use high current batteries because it will create lots of heat and they might explode.

Step 1: Order Required Parts

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take a piece of copper wire. Using sand paper, remove the insulation from both the sides as well as from the middle.

2. Take an office paper clip, unfold it and cut it to get a small pin.

3. Wind the wire tightly over the clip from the centre.

4. Using a pen, round the edges of the wire and lock the rounded edges to get a balanced Oval shaped coil.

Note: Watch the video to visually see the procedure in detail.

5. Place a cell over the stack of neodymium magnets.

6. Place the coil over the cell such that the pin connects with the cell terminal and the loop gets connected to the magnets.

7. We see that the coil starts to rotate.

Note: This happens because the current from the cell flows in the wire through the magnets, thus creating a force that makes the coil to rotate. This force is known as Lorentz force.

If a current carrying conductor is placed perpendicular to magnetic field, it experiences a force(known as Lorentz Force) that is perpendicular to both the direction of current as well as magnetic field.

8. You can also make various shapes(Heart, rectangular or even spiral) of the coil to demonstrate this project.

Step 3: Testing and Fun

Just place the AA battery on a stack of neodymium magnets and place the coil over the battery. The coil will soon start to rotate, making it a very fun experiment for kids.

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I also made a new and better version of a magnet motor. Have a look at the instructable here or the video below.

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