Introduction: How to Make a Note Block Song for Version 1.12

So, you might be here because YOU want to make your favorite song in Minecraft,in that case you can learn how to do that. In fact, any song can be played in Minecraft, if all the notes span in between a low F♯ and a high F♯.

So lets get right in to this.

You will need:

-A copy of Minecraft updated to 1.12(It just gives more variety)

In your inventory you will need:

-Redstone repeaters

-Note blocks


-A button

-Any block

Step 1: Important Notes

Some things that should be known,

1)Repeaters go through blocks like Note blocks,in this case,if there is something to carry the signal afterward

2)Repeaters repeats the signal. A normal redstone current goes 8 blocks, just like water, but adding a repeater at the end allows it to go another 8 blocks

3) Repeaters have ticks. When you right click a repeater, a red bar moves. Each tick adds some delay with 0 being no delay, and 3 being the most delay

4) The note block reference sheet will help you out a lot. I suggest printing it out so you can know if you can do the song you want.

5)The block under the note block matters. Clay makes a flute sound, ice makes a wind chime sound, gold makes a bell sound, bone makes a xylophone, and wool makes a guitar.

6) At the top there is a picture of 3 note blocks with the middle raised by a gold block, and you can do that! You can use stuff like that to make a chord.

7) The more effort you put in will make it sound better.

Step 2: Building!

Lets start simple with a song we all know. Happy Birthday! And why not make it a guitar.

For this I attached a photo, with each color of wool being a different note.

Yellow = D(8 clicks)

Dark Green = E(10 clicks)

Lime = G(13 clicks)

Dark Blue = F♯(12 clicks)

Light Blue = A(15 clicks)

Black = D(20 Clicks)

White = B(17 Clicks)

Pink = C(18 Clicks)

Purple = Repeater tick 1

Red = Repeater tick 2

Orange = Repeater tick 3

This goes left to right and the Button goes on the very most left.

Step 3: DONE!!!

Congrats! You made your first song! Now you are ready to go out and make your own songs. Good luck, and have fun!

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