Introduction: How to Make a PVC Clarinet!


Iʻm going to show you how to make a pvc clarinet, step by step (Which is pretty easy)! I hope you enjoy my Instructable and put it to good use!

Step 1: Materials!

Here are some things youʻll need to make the pvc Clarinet!

•Mouthpiece of clarinet

•white PVC pipes skinny/wide

•tape (especially if you have a wide pipe)

•drill (for holes)

•hacksaw (for a shorter pipe)

Step 2: Putting Everything Together

You need to draw holes and mark where youʻre going to cut so you donʻt make a mistake (Just get a picture off the internet and look how much holes there are). After, drill holes into your PVC pipe and use the hacksaw to make the pipe shorter. Then, add the mouthpiece and to the pipe and tape it together. Smooth the parts that you cut by rubbing them against cement.

Step 3: Finishing Up!

After you tape it and smooth it out, tape the funnel and the mouthpiece together and youʻre all done! You can also decorate it with glueing some glitter or drawing on the PVC pipe to make it look better!

Step 4: Conclusion!

Thank you for looking at my instructable! I hope I helped you build an amazing pvc clarinet that is perfect and can be played! I hope you enjoyed my instructable! THANK YOU!!

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