Introduction: How to Make a Pallet Bike Rack

Hey everyone! Lately I've been on a bit of a binge trying to come up with as many pallet project ideas as I can, and this is one that was super easy to do but also extremely practical! My household has a number of bikes that get ridden frequently, and until now we had no storage solution other than piling them up in our garage, making a big mess and also damaging the bikes.

To fix this, I came up with a super easy way to turn a pallet into a bike rack that'll hold 5 or 6 bikes with ease! I also made a detailed instructional video you can check out too. I honestly think videos are the best way to explain any kind of visual project, so check it out and follow along with the tutorial below.

Step 1: Get a Pallet!

Find a heat treated pallet in good condition with boards that are spaced in such a way that you could fit a bike tire between them. Many companies are looking to get rid of used pallets, so just do a quick google search on craigslist or kijiji to find some near you.

Step 2: Cut the Pallet in Half

Use a handsaw to cut your pallet in half along one side of the centre supporting beam. When you finish cutting it, it'll have a tendency to flop around so be careful when handling it that you don't damage any of the planks.

Step 3: Add an Additional Supporting Beam

I used a piece of 2x4 cut to length, but you could also salvage a supporting beam from a second pallet. Insert it between the two sides of supporting planks, and square it with the end planks.

Step 4: Use the Other Half of the Pallet As a Template

You want to make sure that the planks line up with the planks on the other side of the pallet, so stack it on top and use it as a template to position the loose planks as you nail them down.

Step 5: Nail Down the Planks on the Bottom

These planks don't need to lined up with anything, just do your best to keep them square. At this point, you should also clean the pallet up to remove any splinters, old nails, etc. Basically anything that could damage a bike tire.

Step 6: Add an Additional Supporting Beam

Add a second supporting beam to the back of the pallet, but line it up flat on the ground. I had a little piece of 2x4 left so I added it on as well, as shown in the photos. Refer to the video if you're not following my instructions.

Step 7: Attach the Other Half of the Pallet

Use a couple 90 degree wood brackets to secure the two pallets together.

Step 8: Add the Side Supports

Nail some additional planks (these were salvaged from a second pallet as well) to the sides, and cut them flush at the ends.

Step 9: Park Your Bike and Enjoy!

That competes this project! Thanks for checking it out :)