Introduction: Full Persian Chainmail Bracelet

Hey guys! This is one of my favourite bracelet patterns to make, it is known as the 'Full Persian 6 in 1 weave' and makes for a beautiful continuous slip on and off bracelet.

I recommend making it out of 5/16th of an inch aluminum jump rings, which can be bought online or made yourself at home. The rings in this tutorial were bought online from

Step 1: Learn the Pattern

Chainmail is easy to do make once you get the hang of it, but it's also challenging to learn without the right resources. So I created this instructional video to make things a bit easier to understand. All you have to do to make a bracelet is make a chain in the full Persian 6 to 1 pattern to the length you desire, then add a clasp or connect the ends.

Step 2: Starting the Chain

To start off, create a 2x2x2 chain by closing 4 rings and putting them through 2 other rings. I am using 2 colours in this tutorial, but you can make your bracelet from just one colour or as many colours as you like.

Step 3: Add the First Ring

Push the 2 rings on the right side of your 2x2x2 chain over the 2 rings on the left side, and add an open ring through those 4 rings (but not through the centre rings)

Then add a second ring the same way, and put 2 more rings on it.

Step 4: Speedweaving

Speedweaving is a technique that makes producing chainmail faster. Instead of adding the rings one at a time, first close 2 rings, put them on an open ring, then add the open ring in the same way you did in the last step. Then double that ring up again.

Step 5: Connecting the Ends

I love a bracelet that is continuous without clasps, but to make that you have to connect the ends of the chain. First line the ends up so the pattern runs the same direction on each one, then attach the loose rings between the corresponding rings on the other piece of chain, then add 2 rings to the sides to complete the pattern (I explain this in more detail in the video in step one if you don't follow this description.)