Introduction: How to Make a Paper Airplane

This is a very basic version of making a paper airplane. It’s a simple standard that many people should know how to do to make a simple arts & crafts.


1. Paper ( any type is acceptable)
2. Optional: double sided tape & colors (if you may want to decorate it)

Step 1:

1. First you grab a piece of paper (preferably copy paper, but any type of paper is fine).

Step 2:

2. Then you fold the paper in half vertically.

Step 3:

3. Unfold the piece of paper so it’s completely spread out.

Step 4:

4. Fold each of the top corners into the center line, meeting in the middle crease.

Step 5:

5. Fold each of the top edges into the center line.

Step 6:

6. Then take the plane and fold it in half towards you.

Step 7:

7. Fold the wings down that the upward top edges match with the bottom edge of the paper
airplane body.

Step 8:

8. Next, take the wings and unfold them a little pushing them upwards so they stick upright.

Step 9:

9. You can add double sided tape to the inside of the body of the plane, but it is optional.

Step 10:

10. Once the last step is complete, the paper airplane is ready for take off!