How to Make a Paper Crane




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Crane

Here are steps below on how to create a paper crane.

Step 1: Take One End of Paper and Fold It Across to Create a Triangle

Step 2: Take One End of Triangle and Cross Over to Create a Smaller Triangle.

You're going to want to take the longer end of the triangle and fold it in half to create a smaller triangle.

Step 3: Open Triangle and Press Flat to Make a Square.

Open the flap and press down evenly to make it a square.

Step 4: Repeat on Backside.

Step 5: Pinch Down Middle of Triangle and Pull the Top Down, Press Down and Create a Crease. Repeat on Backside.

Step 6: Fold the Right Hand Corner of the Diamond to Meet in Center of Line. Repeat This Step on the Left and Backside.

Step 7: Lift Up the Right Side and Press It to the Other Side and Press Down Middle Fold. Flip Over Paper and Repeat on Backside.

Step 8: Lift Up the Snout and Press Down. Repeat on Backside.

Step 9: Bend the Side of One Snout to Create the Head.

Step 10: Gently Pull Wings Apart.

Step 11: Video

Here is a visual video of me making the crane.

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Muhaiminah Faiz
Muhaiminah Faiz

7 years ago

I learned a different technique for making origami crane, but this one is easy to follow! Thanks for sharing!


7 years ago

I love making cranes. Once I tried to make 1,000(or whatever amount the myth/legend says) but got bored at 15 :P


7 years ago

This is great! I remember making these when I was younger.