Introduction: How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

Make sure that you have all of the materials listed below. The scissors are optional if you think that is easier.


A piece of paper, 8x11

Colored pens, pencils, crayons or just an color pen/pencil

Scissors (optional)

Step 1: Make a Triangle

In this step, fold the paper making a triangle that is sitting on top of a rectangle.You want to make sure that it is even on the corners, since the triangle will be folding more in later steps.

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Rectangle

If you are not using Scissors, follow these steps:

In this step, you are going to fold and rip the rectangle at the bottom. Start by folding the paper toward the rectangle and make a crease by running your finger along the fold (look at picture one). Then pull the flip up and repeat on the opposite sides. When you finish that, take the paper and place it on the edge of a counter or desk (look at picture two). Holding the triangle, you are going to pull the rectangle down, starting one one edge of the paper so that it can rip. Throw away the rectangle, as it is not needed to make the paper fortune teller.

If you are using Scissors, follow these steps:

Instead of folding the rectangle to get the crease, you are just going to take the scissors and cut along the edge between the triangle and the rectangle. Throw the rectangle away when done, as it is not needed.

Step 3: Two-Fold

For this step, you will be making the second fold on the square. The first fold you already made. The second fold is going to be similar. You are going to take one corner and fold so that it is touching the other corner. As seen in the picture, this will make four different triangles within the square.

Step 4: Folding the Corners In

In this next step, you will want to take the square paper and fold each of the four corners into the middle so that it makes a smaller square. Refer to the picture so you can see what the folds should look like.

Step 5: Turn Over and Repeat

This step is similar to the last step. You are going to start by flipping the paper over to the side opposite to the ones that already have the fold. You are then going to take the corners and fold them toward the center to make a smaller square.

Step 6: Fold in Half

This step is pretty simple. Fold the paper in half. On the outside, there should be folds where you can put your fingers into.

Step 7: Time to Make a Fortune

On the outside, pick four colors that you like and write them down (as seen in the picture). For example, the colors picked could be Blue, Red, Pink, and Green.

Step 8: Numbers

For this step, you are going to add numbers to the inside. You are going to open up the fold to see the last small square that you had folded. Usually, for a paper fortune teller you will number it 1-8 and it doesn't matter what sequence that you choose. In this picture, it is 1-8 but you can also do it out of order.

Step 9: Write Your Fortunes

Once you have finished writing down the numbers, you are going to open each fold and write down a fun fortune. In the picture, I have written things such as "You are Awesome" and "You Rock", but anything can work.

Step 10: Complete!

Now that you have finished writing down the colors, numbers, and fortunes, you are going to open up the paper fortune teller to finish. First you are going to fold the square in half again, so that you can see the colors you wrote down. Then you are going to put your fingers into the folds (as seen in the first picture). You are then going to flip the paper fortune teller toward you, so that you can take your other hand and take the two corners on the top and pinch them together. The results should look like the second picture. Once you have done that, you have successfully made your Paper Fortune Teller.