Introduction: How to Make a Paper Jet

This instructable is designed to teach you how to create a paper jet. This was the topic chosen because paper jets are a good way to observe the dynamics behind an aircraft, or they can just be used to waste time. The only materials you will need is a sheet of paper as well as your hands.

Step 1: Get a Sheet of Paper

First, you will need one piece of paper to create the paper jet. It doesn't matter the kind of paper used.

Step 2: Create a 90 Degree Crease in the Top Right Corner

You will make a fold in the top right corner facing towards the middle of the paper. This is the first step in creating the nose of the paper jet.

Step 3: Do the Same for the Top Left Corner

Reciprocate what you did in Step 2 to the top left corner. This will help strengthen the nose of the jet so it flies farther and more smoothly.

Step 4: Flip the Paper and Create a Small 90 Degree Crease in the Bottom Right Corner

Create this small crease in the bottom right corner. It will help reduce the amount of air drag and resistance your jet will face as you practice flying it.

Step 5: Make Another Small Crease on the Bottom Left Side

This will evenly distribute the amount of drag and resistance your jet will take so it flies more efficiently.

Step 6: Flip the Paper Back Around and Fold the Top Right Crease Towards the Center

Take the crease already made in the top right corner and fold it over again towards the center of the paper. You're doing this in order to create the right wing of the jet which will enable it to fly.

Step 7: Pull the Top Left Corner Crease Towards the Center As Well

In order for the jet to fly, it needs two wings. By doing this step, you're essentially creating the left wing so it flies straight.

Step 8: Take Both Wings and Fold Them Together Partially. While Doing This, Pull Down Each Side Until It Creates a Crease in the Center.

When the two sides are folded together the shape of the jet will look like a one dimensional triangle. Then, pull back each side of the jet until two wings are formed and a flap is at the bottom of the plane. This is down to stabilize the wings which allows jet to actually fly.

Step 9: Retrace Over the Creases Just Made

Re enforce the creases just made in the previous step. By doing so, you're strengthening the wings of the jet so it will be able to fly efficiently.

Step 10: Prepare for Take-off

Your paper jet is completed. To fly hold the flap created under the nose of the jet, and aim the created jet at a 45 degree angle to maximize the distance and height it will travel. Then, throw it with a regular amount of force.