Introduction: How to Make a Paper Snowflake

A quick and easy way to make paper snowflakes! This is a fun activity that is very inexpensive for children to create their own unique snowflakes! This step by step instructable will teach you how to make a snowflake.


A pair of scissors, and a single piece of paper for each snowflake.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather supplies. You will need a single sheet of paper for each snowflake being made.

Step 2: Fold One Corner

Fold one corner of the paper down, making a triangle. I have highlighted the outside edge of the square to help guide along folding and cutting.

Step 3: Cut Off Excess Paper

Cut off the excess paper along the edge of the fold. This will create the square piece of paper you will need to create your snowflake. Paper should look like the image shown after being unfolded.

Step 4: Fold Paper in Half Diagonally

Using the square piece of paper, fold the paper in half diagonally. This will make a large triangle.

Step 5: Fold Paper Into Smaller Triangle

Fold paper in half again, creating a smaller triangle.

Step 6: Fold Left Corner of Triangle

Fold the left corner of the now triangle paper into the middle of the triangle. Your triangle will be folded into thirds with each corner slightly uneven.

Step 7: Fold Other Corner As Into Triangle

Fold the other corner into the middle of the triangle. Your triangle will now be in thirds, with each corner slightly uneven from the base.

Step 8: Cut Pointed Ends Off Paper

Your triangle should now look like the images shown. Cut pointed ends from paper, leaving a triangle to now shape.

Step 9: Cut Off Point From Top

Cut the top of the triangle off. This will create a hole in the middle of the triangle if desired. *This

is optional* Round out the top of the triangle so it is a round corner and not pointed.

Step 10: Cut Shapes Into the Triangle

Use your creativity to cut variations of cutouts into the triangle! I cut small triangles within the paper to create the details of the snowflake.

Step 11: Unfold Triangle

Unfold the triangle to show your details of the snowflake.

Step 12: Refold Triangle If Wanted for More Details

Refold paper into a triangle to add more details if wanted/needed. I refolded the triangle and added more triangles to give it more details.

Step 13: Unfold Finished Snowflake

Unfold paper carefully to show your unique snowflake! From this point, you can now tape up or hang up snowflakes on the wall if desired.