Introduction: How to Make a Paper Throwing Star

• how to make a paper throwing star
5 sheet of paper

Step 1: Two Identical Sides

Fold a sheet a paper exactly in half long way, then open it so you have a two identical sides.

Step 2:

Fold the right side of the paper down in the middle, do the same thing on the left side.

Step 3:

Take the top of the paper that is triangle side and fold it down to the middle, and turn the paper over

Step 4:

do the same things as step two.

Step 5:

Then, take the right side and fold it to the middle and do the same thing on the left side.

Step 6:

Then, turn the paper over again and take the two small triangle on the battle and fold it up both side.

Step 7:

Use both hand and take the battle of the paper and fold up into small piece all the way up, but fold under the triangle.

Step 8:

when you done, repeat all the step with the paper you have left.

Step 9: You Need Five of This

Step 10: Put It All Togeother

your star should face outside. then take two star and put one of the leg on front and put In the hole and took the other star leg and put in the back hole of the first star.

Step 11:

take the third star and do the same thing you do on first and second star.

Step 12:

repeat the same step you on step 10 and 11

Step 13: You Done

it gonna turn out like this.