Introduction: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

In this discussion, we will be demonstrating how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This snack or meal is easy, quick and affordable for kids and college students to enjoy. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be that go-to snack or meal when you want something filling without eating a full course meal. The only knowledge that you need would be how to use/operate a butter knife properly.

Safety Warning: If you are under the age of 7 years, we strongly recommend that you ask for parental help or supervision.

Health Warning:

If you have a peanut allergy, there are alternatives that can replace peanut butter. (Such as sunflower seed butter, wow butter, pea butter, etc.) If you have a gluten intolerance, bread can be substituted for a gluten free alternative.



Butter Knife (Metal/Plastic; Used Metal)


Hand Soap Sink with a running faucet


Sandwich Bread (Enriched White/Whole Wheat/Gluten Free; Used Enriched White) - 2 slices

Peanut Butter (Creamy/Crunchy; Used Creamy) - amount varies, 1 Tablespoon Recommended

Jelly (Flavor of your liking; Used Grape) - amount varies, 1 Tablespoon Recommended

Optional a Drink of Choice (Milk, Water, Juice etc.)

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Step 1:

Pull out 2 slices of bread and lay them side by side on a plate, or other clean surface, in front of you on a flat surface.

Step 2:

Grab your butter knife and scoop 1 tablespoon (or desired amount) of jelly

Step 3:

Spread jelly evenly on first slice of bread in a left to right motion.

Note- Make sure the jelly is covering the entire slice of bread from edge to edge

Step 4:

Use your napkin to clean off any excess jelly from the butter knife

Step 5:

Grab your butter knife and scoop 1 tablespoon (or desired amount) of peanut butter

Step 6:

Spread the peanut butter evenly on the second slice of bread in a left to right motion

Note-Make sure the peanut butter is covering the entire slice of bread from edge to edge

Step 7:

Quickly & carefully place the two slices of bread together, ensuring the crust of the bread slice is in line with the crust of the other slice.

Note- We recommend putting the peanut butter slice on top of the jelly as it has a thicker consistency and will allow for a cleaner placement.

Step 8: Optional

Cut off the crust of bread with the butter knife

Step 9: Optional

Cut the sandwich diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner/ Cut the sandwich vertically from top to bottom.

Note-Cutting the sandwich in different segments can create multiple sandwiches for people to enjoy.

Step 10:

Go to the sink and wash the supplies you used and then wash your hands with soap. Rinse and dry then turn faucet off

Step 11:

Proceed to put all the ingredients in the refrigerator and cabinets as well as the utensils used

Step 12: Optional

Grab a beverage of choice

Step 13:

Place sandwich and drink at location of dining and voila, you have created a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Enjoy.

Step 14: Troubleshoot

Ripped Bread: If you find the peanut butter is ripping the bread instead of spreading, your peanut butter is to cold. Allow it to warm up to room temperature before attempting to put it on the soft bread. This is particularly important for crunchy styled peanut butter.

Soggy Sandwich: If your sandwich is soggy from the jelly, this could be from letting the sandwich sit too long before consuming. If you are making a sandwich for a later time and have this issue, we recommend putting a thin layer of peanut butter on both slices of bread before putting the jelly. The thick consistency of the peanut butter will protect the delicate bread from soaking the jelly.

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