Introduction: How to Make a Perfect Apple Pie

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I gonna show you how to make a perfect apple pie. Let's go..

Step 1: The Ingredients and Tools Required

All you need to make the apple pie is :

370g of flour

1 egg (or 2 for the end)

60g of water

240g of butter

20g of sugar

5 to 7g of salt

3 apples

some applesauce

Useful tools to make this apple pie :

A pie circle or a mold

A rolling pin

An oven of course

A drummer (not required)

Step 2: Make the Dough

Put in a bowl all the ingredient, flour, egg, water, butter, sugar and salt.

Then mix it, here I use a drummer but you can also use your hands, it might be take little more time.

Now, the dough is made (you will can do two pie).

Step 3: Make Your Dough Look Like a Pie

First, you have to butter the pie circle.

Spread your dough with a little of flour on the table.

After put the dough on the pie circle.

Press with your fingers on all the sides of the pie circle, then put your fingers on the dough and press with your thumb (like pictures).

You can now roll the rolling pin over the dough to remove excess and repress on all sides (like pictures).

It’s not a very easy step but you can do it..

Step 4: The Garnishing

Here I use applesauce and apples but you can do what you want.

Have fun !

Start by peel of apples, cut it in two and remove the core.

You can now pour in the applesauce and display it with a spoonbill.

Cut your apples in thin slices and place them all around your pie.

Beat an egg and baste it on the apple pie.

Your apple pie looks good but It’s not totally done..

Step 5: The Baking

You can put your apple pie in your oven for 35 to 45 minutes at 170°C and maybe think to keep an eye on the bake.

Wait a little before remove the pie circle.

So that’s it, you have your perfect apple pie and everyone want to taste it, congratulations !!

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