Introduction: How to Make a Peripheral Vision Test

This is a really fun gadget to use to test how well you can see from the side of your eyes or your peripheral vision. What you do is you stare at pin in the center of the object while slowly dragging the shape block starting from the end of the right side to the center to test how well you can see the simple image and how close you have to get the block to your eyes before you can see it clearly. Most people do this thinking they are going to see the image no problem. As soon as they do this test they quickly realize that you have to get it very close to your face to see the shape clearly. When I personally am about half way into dragging the block across the edge I started to see a square on the triangle. Isn't that odd? I hope you find this little how to fun and simple to create yourself. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Here is the list of materials you will need to build this device:



Duct Tape

Around 2 feet of string

A platform that is 1x2 feet and able to be cut (poster board, cardboard, etc.)

A pin

A small block of really anything that can be gripped (I used a small block of wood)

Plastic Cup



Any colored markers

You're All Set!

Step 2: Cutting Your Board

Once you have assembled your materials, take your 1x2 ft board and draw a half circle across the board. You are going to have to eye ball it so I recommend using a pencil to trace out your half circle. When you think you have the most exact half circle you can draw, you can go ahead and go over it with sharpie and cut around that. This will be the main piece of the gadget.

Step 3: The Focus Point

In this step you will need to acquire a push pin of some kind to poke a hole at the apex of the half circle. Then you need to push the pin in it the hole and keep it there. This will be used for the user to stare at while they are testing their vision.

Step 4: Assembling the Vision Stick

You will need some type of block of anything really to make this. For this how to, I suggest a small block of wood, which is what I used. I then took some paper to wrap around the block so that you could hold on to something soft rather rough. I continued to wrap it up in paper until the could no longer be seen and then some to add extra cushion. Once you have done that, go ahead and draw any shape you want on each side. For this I drew a green triangle and a red star.

Step 5: Putting on the Holding Cup

For this step, I basically drew a circle some what in the center of the half circle, maybe just a little lower from the top of it. After I drew the circle, I covered the circle in glue and put my plastic cup upside down on the glue. After a while, I waited for it to dry until it got to the point that I went ahead put duck tape on the bottom for that extra strength for it to hold on to.

Step 6: Finishing the Gadget

For the last step, you will you need to get the 2 feet of string that is in the materials list, tie it around the bottom of the block, duck tape the tied string, and take the other end of the string and duck tape it on the top of the half circle on the left side. Once you have done that, cut a small nose indent and then duck tape the end of the indent so you add a little comfort for your nose to rest instead of resting it on the rough cardboard. As soon as you have done that, you are done! You have finished the peripheral vision test.