Introduction: How to Make a Phone Stand on a Budget

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How to make a phone camera stand for any filmmaker or youtuber on a budget with common items that we can buy from the local DIY store for an acceptable price that everybody can replicate and even improved at home.O ver the head shots like repairing,close up,diy, and how to make videos are more engaging than normal middle shot so from that assumption we will make our own camera and phone stand with a twist.

Step 1: Camera Phone Stand Parts

For making this DIY phone camera stand we will need

-3 wood poles 3x3cm

-2 wardrobes rails

-nuts+bols+washers 4 each


-90degrees metal connector

optional auto spray paint and sand paper
and just hand tools

Step 2: What Is a Phone Stand ?

The most common solution for fixing your camera is a tripod and with some adjustments you can attach your mobile phone to it but some times its not the best solution especialy if you are filming over the head tutorials,diy,or how to video,as a tip a bald head or over the head shots are 30% more engaging video then normal midle frame shots.

Step 3: Monopod Camera Stand

Along the phone tripod there are some other solution like monopod,gorillapod,manfrotto tripod,grorilla tripod and man more but this video accesories have one purpose to hold and stabilyze your video and adjusting to your needs.
In order to make this diy tripod for your smartphone we will need some wardrobe rails,nuts,bolts,90degre metal connector and 3 pieces of wood 5x5 and the rest is just imagination and some epoxy resin to hold the rails in place.In the future videos we will make a camera rail slider and maybe add some lights and motorised camera slider we will see so stay tunned for more updates.

Step 4: Painting the Diy Stand Optional Step

After sanding the pieces we will proceed to the next step wich is the painting with some cheap auto spray paint,this step is optional,but in my humble opinion it gives a better look and it can protect the wood as well,find the cheap one that you can find will do the trick,fora smooth finish sanding makes the difference.

Step 5: Fixing the Camera Phone Stand to Your Desk

To keep the costs low we will attach the diy stand to our desk using some nuts washers and bolts according to the images above taking into consideration the overlap of the desk,and if you have a drawer on one side you have to take that one into consideration as well.As you can see in the pictures above i mounted the screws one above the drawer and one beneath,and one more for strength.

Step 6: Phone Camera Slider

Now that we have the base we will make a camera slider and with the length of the bottom pols it can be adjusted and we have add a small twist we can move our upper stand left and right and tilt it back an foreword,at this point you have two camera gadgets a fixed stand and sliding camera rail that can be used as a whole or separate as a camera sliding for your different projects.

Step 7: The Secret Stand Connector

For mounting this rails to the wooden base i have used a basic trick an 90 degree metal connector screwed to the wood and epoxy the sides of all two rails and its a fix thing that will not move ,you can try different configuration but for keeping the project low as possible and using common items that was the solution

Step 8: Camera Stand for Mobile Phone

A monopod requires the photographer to hold the camera in place, but because the monopod reduces the number of degrees of freedom of the camera, and also because the photographer no longer has to support the full weight of the camera, it can provide some of the same stabilization advantages as a tripod.