Introduction: How to Make a Piglet Emergency Kit

When it comes to swine one will never know what to expect. Weird things happen a lot in swine especially when it comes to farrowing season. A lot of times things happen to the mother like if she died or abandoned the babies. That is where a piglet kit is needed. I have gone through a big loss recently with my little piglets that I had. That why I am going to go through the steps of an emergency kit for piglets if or when it is needed.

What you will need: Penicillin, 50% Dextrose, Biosol, Oxytocin, towels, warm water, lube, a puller, clean gloves, old dog kennel, old blanket, heat lamp, 250-watt red heat lamp bulb, 125-watt infrared heat lamp bulb, thermometer, tarps, puppy chucks, scalpel, teeth clippers, baby bottles, eyedroppers, dishes, syringes and needles. Those are all the basic things one will need for a piglet emergency kit.

Step 1: Step One:

The first thing you are going to need is your veterinarian’s phone number. You always want that phone number on speed dial in case of emergency or you need some help and guidance. It is always best to consult with your doctor beforehand about any medications that need to administered or problems at hand. It is the number one thing you need on hand.

Step 2: Step Two:

The next thing one needs is Penicillin, 50% Dextrose, Biosol and Oxytocin. These medicines will help one in the long run. Now Penicillin has many different uses but the main purpose for it is a pain reliever sometimes this has to be administered to stop the pain of birthing. 50% Dextrose is used for when the sow needs some more ketone bodies in her blood. It basically is used after she has the piglets to help her get better. Now, Biosol can only be given orally and a doctor has to proscribe it. It helps with preventing bacterial issues in the body. Like causing an infection in the blood stream that could get to the babies through the milk. Finally, Oxytocin now this helps a lot in the birthing process it helps them get into labor along with helps them from being overly stressed. It helps with the birthing process the most it is a lot like an epidermal that we use for labor.

Step 3: Step Three:

When it comes time for the birthing process the things that are needed the most are: towels, warm water, lube, a puller, clean gloves. Now this is all very simple if the sow is having difficulty birthing you can first try pulling the piglet out most people would put gloves on but in my personal preference that makes things harder than it should be. If you can only pull the piglet so far hook a puller on them. Now there is a couple different pullers to use we have the older kind where they wrap around the body of the piglet and not just the hoof like the new one’s do. Now usually depending on what lube is being used it varies for the need of warm water. Some lubes need to be activated by warm water others are already pre-made, so it all depends. Finally, towels are needed to clean off the little piglets when they come out of the womb. It takes a bit to get them going because you have to blow air into their snout once you get a noise out of them, they are good to go.

Step 4: Step Four:

In some circumstances somethings tend to back fire like the runt is not being taken care of or the mother dies it all depends what one would need in that issue is: old dog kennel, old blanket, heat lamp, 250-watt red heat lamp bulb, 125-watt infrared heat lamp bulb, thermometer, tarps, puppy chucks, scalpel, teeth clippers. Currently in a situation like this, you need the tarp for the flooring because pigs are kind of messy when they are little. Along with, an old dog kennel to put them in puppy chucks to line the bottom of the kennel and surrounding floor areas. I used some old blankets to help keep the piglet warm and it helps comfort them because they tend to cuddle up. I also would use an old stuffed animal toy because it provides a lot of comfort. Now the first week I used 250-watt heat lamp for the piglet because they have to be in the range of 80-90 degrees for the first week or so. After a week I used the 125 infrared heat lamp because they do not need that much heat once they are a week old. Now, piglets tend to get a temperature from time to time it is best to keep a thermometer around. And make sure it stays a pig thermometer because it has to be used in the rectum to check the temperature of the piglet. Now after about a week old the scalpel is used to doc the tail of the piglet, now that is a choice if you want it done or not. As well as after two weeks you will need to clip the teeth to make them stop growing. If that is not done those teeth hurt after a while because they get very sharp because they are the tusk teeth.

Step 5: Step Five:

Last but not least some of the minor things that are needed are baby bottles, eyedroppers, some dishes, needles and syringes. The baby bottles are a given they are needed to feed the little piglet. Now eyedroppers are needed in case the piglet does not take to the bottle very well. It takes time on some little ones to get them to like the bottle. I was told a that piglets are extremely smart and know how to drink and eat from dishes once they are born. So, it is best to have some dishes in case that happens to work better for you. Finally, needles and syringes are needed for if you need to administer shots that were given by a doctor.