Introduction: How to Make a Potato Cannon

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There are a wide variety of yummy recipes that you can make with potatoes. The tasty vegetable not only fulfills your belly but also help you to spend some quality times. We are talking about the potato cannon which you can easily build in the backyard. It will take only an hour or two and can shoot more than 100-yard distance. Here is the step by step process of making the potato cannon.

What you will need:

The below-mentioned elements are required for making the potato cannon. You can purchase them from the local hardware shops.

· 4" wide ABS pipe for the body

· 2" wide ABS pipe for the barrel

· 4" end cap

· 4" to 2" neck down

· BBQ igniter

· Glue

· Two part epoxy

· Hair Spray

Step 1: Prepare the Elements

We will start with the pipes. The 4” pipe will be used as the chamber of the cannon. It should be around 2 feet long. Besides, the 2” wide pipe will be used as the barrel of the cannon and it should be around 3 feet long. Mark the preferred size in the pipes and cut them down using a hacksaw. The cut doesn’t need to be very smooth as we will use fittings to align pipes together.

Step 2:

In this step, we will connect the chamber and the fittings. Clean the fittings and pipe ends using the mineral spirit, alcohol or acetone. It will help the glue to bond better and make the connection airtight by removing the dust and oils. Now apply the glue in the end cap and neck down, and then assemble them with the chamber pipe.

Step 3: Install the BBQ Igniter

Now we will need to install the BBQ igniter in the wider pipe which will work as the trigger to shoot the potato. Drill a hole in the 4" wide pipe large enough to fit the BBQ igniter.

Then apply the two-part epoxy glue in the hole and assemble the BBQ igniter on it.

You are almost done. Just connect the chamber and the barrel using the glue and your potato cannon will be ready for shooting.

Step 4: Test the Potato Cannon

Let’s check the game of the potato cannon. Pick an open space to do this. You can also do it in the backyard if it is big enough (bigger than 100 feet). Cut the potato using a knife so that it can fit in the barrel. Or you can sharpen the barrel end which will automatically cut the potato in the perfect size while fitting. Then push the potato down in the barrel but don’t throw it in the chamber.

Now unscrew the end cap and spray the hairspray in the chamber for 3 to 5 second. After that, quickly screw the end cap back on.

Position the cannon at 45 degrees and push the igniter. If everything works correctly, the hairspray will explode and the potato will come out speedily.

Caution: The potato cannon can be extremely powerful. So use it carefully and always aim it away from the people and animals. If possible wear a safety glass while shooting.