Introduction: Secret Combination LockBox

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This is a secret combination puzzle lockbox I've made for my friend's escape room.

To open the box you have to place the puzzle pieces in a certain order.


1/4" MDF board
Small geared motor -
Terminal block connector (for the motor shaft) -
3 Reed switches -
Contact switch -

Step 1: Make the Box

My lockbox is just a simple plywood box with a springloaded sliding drawer.

Step 2: Locking Mechanism and Wiring

The locking mechanism is actuated by the geared motor.

The motor is activated then all reed switches are closed by magnets placed inside the puzzle pieces.

Step 3: Locking the Box

To lock the box I made direct access to the motor wires through a couple of screws placed on the side.

Step 4: Secret Combination

To open the box you have to find and place the puzzle pieces together in the right orientation.

Step 5: Also Check Out More Projects Like This on My YouTube Channel.

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