Introduction: How to Make a Propeller Car

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This is a propeller Car, it is very easy to make

and propeller sound is very amazing

Let see how to make this fast propeller car

Step 1: Watch the Video First !!

First of all have a look to Video,

This video is all enough to know how to make this propeller car

Step by step procedure is available in next step

Step 2: Material Required

Followings are the material required

  1. High speed mini DC motor
  2. ON/OFF Switch
  3. Hollow Cylinder ( Empty thread reel )
  4. 9V DC battery
  5. Candy stick
  6. Wheel from old toy
  7. Axle from galvanized wire
  8. Very thin but hard piece of cardboard paper for propeller
  9. Some piece of wires
  10. Double side tape

Step 3: Procedure

Lets see how to make this

It is advisable to once watch video for better understanding and idea.

Please see this video to know how to prepare basic car frame.

Step by step procedure:-

  1. bring wheel set from old toy.
  2. cut two piece of galvanized wire of approx 7 to 8 cm.
  3. fix ring type lugs at both end of wire.
  4. now pass wheel axle through the lugs so that front wheel and rear wheel get connect with that lugs wire.
  5. now cut some piece (3 piece) of candy stick the length of candy stick piece is little smaller than the distance between two wheel of same axle.
  6. now glue this stick on the wire to make a platform like structure.
  7. Place a 9v DC battery on the platform of the car
  8. Bring a High speed small DC motor
  9. Take a empty thread reel case, make some cut on it one end so that motor will fit on it
  10. Cut a piece of hard paper to make propeller blades
  11. Stick the propeller on the shaft of the motor.
  12. glue the motor on the reel
  13. now place this reel on the platform of the car.
  14. Now do electrical connection as shown in next step
  15. Switch on and see how car will move very smoothly and fast.

It is possible that i miss something to write, please watch video for complete understanding

Step 4: Wiring Detail

Please do wiring as shown in figure

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