Introduction: How to Make a Protected and Extended Loofah (Trash to Treasure)

There are so many items that I throw away every single day. I never even think about the potential that it has to be recreated into something purposeful. With the right resourcefulness, so many of these "useless" objects can be made into something useful. This protected and extended loofah uses many items that may seem like trash, and allows for them to have a new useful purpose.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The Materials needed for this project are:

-plastic bottle


-hard, durable, plastic straw

-a screw on cap (same width of bottle)

-an old clothes hanger

-plexi glass cutter

-hot glue and hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

In this step, you will need the plexi glass cutter and the bottle.

You must cut off the bottom of the bottle. After this step, the bottle should have a completely open bottom.

Step 3: Cut and Glue the Cap

In this step, you will need hot glue, caps, the plexi cutter, the loofah and the straw.

First, cut a hole in the middle of the cap so that the straw will go through it. Then, you will insert the straw into that hole and glue it to the cap. After, you must cut off the loofah's string and glue the loofah to the other side of the cap, the side with the shorter length of the straw. Then, you should insert the straw into the top of the bottle from the bottom of the bottle.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

For this step, you will need the clothes hanger.

At this point in the process, the project is at an end. One last thing to do is cut the hook off of the hanger and glue it to the top of the bottle. This way, the hook could hang the loofah and bottle in the shower off of the shower head.

Step 5: Enjoy the Video and Instructable!

With this product you have a protected loofah, allowing for it to be intact longer, and an extended one, making it easier to reach your back. Not only that but it was made with most objects we would take for granted. You never know what you could make from some "trash".

I hope that you enjoyed creating this instructable and that you will find good use for it. Thank you very much!

The video is attached here is to help you in the process of creating this trash gone to treasure.

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