Introduction: How to Make a Queso Dip

Are you looking for the perfect appetizer for your next party? If so, we’ve got you covered. Find out how to make a crowd-pleasing queso dip here!


- Slowcooker

- Can opener

- Measuring Spoon (1 TableSpoon)

- Knife

Ingredients needed:

- Tomatoes and green chilies mix (10 oz)

- Taco seasoning

- A block of cheese (Velveeta or generic equivalent)

Step 1: Open Can of Tomatoes and Green Chilies

Step 2: Drain the Juice From the Can

Step 3: Pour Tomatoes and Green Chilies Into Slow Cooker

Step 4: Cut Cheese Block Into Little Squares & Add to Slow Cooker

This helps the cheese melt easier

Step 5: Add in One Tablespoon of Taco Seasoning to Mixture

Step 6: Turn Slow Cooker on Low

Step 7: Let Ingredients Cook Until Melted

This process will take about an hour, depending on your slow cooker.

Step 8: Stir and Serve With Tortilla Chips