Introduction: How to Make a Remote Controlled Toy

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Learn to make a remote controlled Robot toy at home. This toy works with two small DC motors and is controlled by a wired remote. It has 360 degree rotation and individual manouevring capabilities in all directions just with the press of two buttons.

Make many of this amazing toys and setup an arena for racing. You can also form various types of tracks and have fun playing on those tracks with these robot toys.

Watch the video to see how to make one easily at home

Step 1: Materials

  1. A small plastic box with a lid
  2. Two 3v toy DC motors of similar specifications
  3. Two LEDs of same color
  4. Two push buttons
  5. About 2-3m of four diffrent color wires
  6. power source
Note: In this, we will be using Li-Ion cells, so we will also need a Li-Ion cell Holder. You can also watch my video to make a lithium cell holder at home.

Step 2: Doing the Electronics Job

1. Take the plastic box and using Hot Glue, paste both the motors on the lid.

Note: Make sure they are in center and opposite to each other (refer to the uploaded image)

2. Cut a slit on both sides to make space for the motors, so that the box closes well.

3. Solder the LED to the motors but in opposite polarity as the motors are facing opposite directions.

4. Mark and make holes to insert the LEDs in the box. These LEDs will act as eyes.

5. Also, make a hole at the back to insert the wires that will connect to the remote.

6. Solder the wires to the motor.

Note: Pay attention to the polarities of wires because we need both the motors to move in same direction.
As can be seen in the video:
Green: -ve
Orange: -ve
Red: +ve
Yellow: +ve

7. Pass the wire through the hole, insert the LEDs and close the box.

8. Solder both the push buttons at the back of the cell holder.

9. Connect both the -ve wires together and Solder them to a -ve terminal of battery holder.

10. Solder the +ve wires to the buttons.

11. Using a wire, make connection between the +ve terminal of battery holder and the buttons.

Step 3: Making the Wheels

It is now time to make the wheels for the toy.

Note: You can use any plastic wheels available in market or use plastic bottle caps. Here, I will be making wheels for the toy using a piece of waste cardboard.
  1. From a piece of cardboard, cut 4 wheels of about 4cm in diameter.
  2. Using Hot Glue, Paste two pieces over one another to make two pair of wheels.
  3. Apply some Hot Glue and smooth the eyes.
  4. Cut a Balloon to get the rubber grip for the wheels.
  5. Attach the wheels to the motors and secure them with the glue.
  6. Our Toy Robot is now ready.
  7. Use the remote and test the working of the robot.

If everything works fine, call your friends, make many more pieces, plan races, design gaming arenas and have fun.

So friends, this here concludes the Instructable. If you liked this Toy, visit again for new ones soon or you can also SUBSCRIBE to receive regular updates.

All the best..:)

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