Introduction: How to Make a Sausage, Spinach, and Cheese Omelette

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Need a quick all in one breakfast? Here are the exact steps on how to make a sausage, spinach, and cheese omelette.

Step 1: Gather All Materials

Materials needed: 2 eggs, small bowl, cooking pan, non stick spray (or butter), wisk, sausage, spinach, cheese, spatula, and a plate

Step 2: Cook the Sausage

Cook the sausage to your desired preference, most meats added to omelettes must be cooked first.

Step 3: Crack Eggs Into Bowl and Wisk

Once eggs are in bowl, mix eggs until yolk bulk is gone and eggs are fully dissolved. Refer to second visual.

Step 4: Spray Pan With Non-stick Spray

This step is pivotal, it keeps the egg from sticking to pan and makes flipping of the omelette much easier. Butter can be an alternative, you simply smear the butter across the pan and let melt slowly with the burner on low.

Step 5: Place Ingredients in Pan, Except for Cheese!

Let ingredients cook on low until sizzling of pan occurs, generally takes about 1 minute. Save cheese for later step.

Step 6: Slowly Pour Egg Into Pan

Once egg is dispersed around the pan, closely supervise the omelette until it begins to harden. Usually takes about a minute and a half to two minutes.

Step 7: Flip Omelette

The perimeter of the omelette will begin to harden as seen in visual one. Once this occurs, use the spatula to flip the omelette and visual 2 is what you should see.

Step 8: Add Cheese

Once omelette is flipped, you will then sprinkle the cheese onto the middle of the omelette. Cut burner off and let omelette sit for 30 seconds, this allows for the cheese to melt into the omelette.

Step 9: Fold Omelette

You will then fold the omelette in half or into thirds (personal preference) with spatula and slowly put omelette onto plate, and enjoy!

Step 10: CLEAN

Last but not least, after you're done its important to clean up your mess.

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