Introduction: How to Make a Scraps Folder

This is an easy-to-make and eco-friendly folder/envelope that can be used to carry an assortment of art-stuff from fabric swatches to inspirational finds from magazines.

Step 1: What You Will Need


- 2 FedEx large pak envelopes(tear and water resistant)
  (found at FedEx Kinkos)

- scissors

- tape

- cardboard

- sewing needle & thread
  (can be used instead of tape)

Step 2: Cutting the Envelopes

Cut 2 fedex envelopes as illustrated

Step 3: Unfold Envelope

See image provided

Step 4: Attach Pieces Together

This can be done by sewing or taping. allow for about 1" of overlap.

Step 5: The Folding Begins

Directions Provided by “Origami Easy to Make Paper Creations” by Gay Merrill Gross

See imageprovidedfor illustrated instructions

1. Have the side you want to be seen on the outside of your Scraps Folder facing towards you.
    Bring the short top edge down to meet the short bottom edge, folding the paper in half.

2. Bring the bottom raw edge (front layer only) up to the top folded edge. Crease and unfold. Turn
    over and repeat on the other side.

3. On the front layer, fold the bottom raw edge up approximately 1/2 “ to create a small hem. Then
    turn your model to the back and fold up a matching hem on the back layer.

4. On the front layer, fold the bottom corners up to the horizontal crease. Turn the model over and   

5. On the front layer, refold on the existing horizontal crease. Repeat on the other side.

6. Unfold the folded edge.

7. Rotate your paper one-quarter turn, so the short edges are at the top and bottom.

8. Fold down the top edge to form a hem approximately 1” wide.

9. Notice the two triangular pockets at either edge of the hem. Bring the bottom edge upward and
    insert its corners into the triangular pockets. Slide the bottom edge as far up as it will comfortably
    fit inside the pockets and then make a firm crease along the new bottom edge.

10. Fold the left side of the model over to almost touch the right side. Leave a small gap. Crease
      firmly then unfold. Repeat. Bringing the right side almost to the left. These two fold form the
      spine of the case.

11.Your case is now complete. You will now have 4 pockets to hold all your artistic inspirations