Introduction: How to Make a Secret Compartment With a Old Diary

if you live in a house where you a sibling who goes roaming around all your stuff you will require a place to hide some stuff, then this the best solution for you. Hiding stuff inside a hollow book, this might sound like an idea straight from a sci-fi movie but it surely works.

there are 2 ways to hide something the smart way and the sneaky way

- in the smart way the object is hidden in plain sight so smartly that no one will expect it

- the sneaky way in which u hide in those place where no one checks like in the top closet or ceiling


things you will require are :

1. an old diary (must be a hardcover)

2. glue

3. a sharp knife or a cutter

4. a plain white paper

Step 1: Choosing a Diary

the chosen diary must be hardcover as mentioned above but it should also have thick pages

Step 2: Cutting

while cutting the pages you should make sure to leave some space on every side to support the paper if the paper was to be too thin it will tend to are up . so take 3-4 cm inside the paper to tear up with a sharp knife or a cutter. minors seek adults help

Step 3: Finishing

when you are done with the cutting part you will be left with an irregular compartment. then apply glue to the sides of the pages to hold them together and paste a plain white paper inside to make it look more aesthetic .

Step 4: Where to Place It

to make it even more fun put it in the most obvious places where everyone can see it but no one can possibly think there is stuff inside.


THIS is also a way in which you can hide some money in the most expected places even inside your money bank

Step 6: Material Required

1- a box can be your money box

2- a piece of cardboard

3- scissors

Step 7: Cutting the Cardboard

cut the cardboard in the exact shape of the box by taking the measurement of the opening

Step 8: Making the Compartment

put some leftover cardboard on the bottom to create some space . on the other side stick anything and tell everyone that it is your lucky charm in my case I have used silicon leftover piece

Step 9: How to Use

first put the big notes at the bottom which you want to hide then at the top put some coins and small notes so that no one can guess what is inside

THANK YOU for taking a look at my project and please


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