Introduction: How to Make a Self Powered Hand Crank LED Belt With LED Strip and Microwave Motor

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Hello and welcome in this instructable I'm gonna share with you how to make this light LED illuminating self powered LED belt.

I'm using a hand cranked microwave motor and LED stripe.

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All you need is a Microwave Motor that's used to rotate the Microwave turn table.

And a 220v LED Strip.

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220 V LED Strip

Microwave Turntable Motor

Step 1: Connect the Motor and LED Strip

So let's go let's start by connecting this stripe with some pin here to take this wires to make it easy for you to connect them together.


Make sure not to touch the Motor terminals while hand cranking them. It WILL give you a bad electric shock. This is serious. This electric shock will not kill you but it's so painful.

This motor can be used to charge a Mobile Phone using the 220 V phone charger.

Step 2: Test the LED Strip

Then you just want to try this led stripe to make it illuminating so let's go and hand crank in it see it illuminating.

You need to rotate it like this to get it illuminating.

Here is a video I'm connecting them and testing the LED Strip.

Step 3: Connect the Motor to Your Belt Head

Now you can put the LED strip on your normal belt and mount the motor on the belt head so you can use one hand to crank it.

Step 4: Test Your LED Belt

That's it let's try it as a belt, okay here we are trying this self-illuminated bill free energy belt it's working with only one hand.

You can try it and can make some cool tricks with it.

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