Introduction: How to Make a Simple Jewelry Hanger

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In this post I am going to show you how I made this very simple DIY necklace holder. This only took a few materials and a few tools to make. This was not something I typically do, but it was for a good friend, so I figured I would show you how I did it. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools



Step 2: Cut and Sand the Boards

This project only took a few different items to make. Anyone could definitely do this with limited tools. I started with a 1x3 that was 6 ft long. I cut it in to 3 boards that were all 24” long. If you are doing this, you can make these whatever size you want. I wanted them to be this long. After I cut the boards, I sanded them very well starting at 120 grit paper and ending with 220 grit.

Step 3: Mark and Drill the Holes for the Hooks

This part was a little tricky. I wanted my hooks to be perfectly placed and even across the bottom of the boards. So I marked every 2” on my board. Then I marked the middle of the board width at every 2 inch mark. I had a very precise mark to drill a small pilot hole for the hook. I used a very small bit and drilled all the holes in the side of the board. After they were all drilled, I went back in and sanded all my pencil markings off.

Step 4: Apply Finish

Next it was time to apply finish to the boards. You can use whatever color stain you would like for yours, but I chose a Dark Walnut color made by Minwax. I used a rag and wiped it on letting the finish to soak into the wood and wiping up all the access. I let this dry for a few days and then I used spray shellac to give it a clear coat. I love spray shellac because it dries very quickly and leaves a nice matte clear finish.

Step 5: Attach the Hardware

Next I attached all of the hardware on the boards. I used keyhole hangers on the back of the board to use to hang on the wall. These are very simple to install. I first marked where I wanted them to be, making sure they are even with each other because if not,your boards will not be straight on the wall. Then I pre-drilled where the screws would go to fasten. I made sure to put a small piece of tape on my drill bit telling me when to stop because I did not want to drill all the way through the boards. Then I screwed them into the board. I attached my keyhole hangers 16” apart, that way when I hang it on the wall I could go into a stud. Next I screwed in all of the cup hooks into the holes I previously predrilled. I also wanted to note that I purchased the hooks I got from amazon. I have a link in the materials section. They were very cheap on amazon and look great.

Step 6: Hang

Once the boards were all assembled, it was time to hang them on the wall. You can either find a wall stud to put these into, or you can use some sort of drywall anchor to hang if you don’t have a stud to go into. Either way will work, because they won’t be holding much weight. I first measured where I wanted them to be (16” apart), placed a screw in that location, and then, hung a board on the screws. I repeated this process for the other two boards under the first. You can spread these however far apart you would like. Mine were 8 inches apart. After this, the hangers are complete!

Step 7: Video

Make sure you check out the video for this project to see all the steps I took in greater detail. It was a very simple project but it turned out great. If you liked this project, you might enjoy some of my other projects videos! Be sure to check them out and also follow me around the web.

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