Introduction: How to Make a Simple Paper Airplane

Making paper airplanes is a simple way to pass time, build creativity, and gives you an excuse to throw stuff around the house. That last one is the best part.


  1. Any kind of rectangular paper, preferably notebook paper
  2. Your hands (If you're not scared of paper cuts, 'cause it can happen)

Step 1: Starting Out

First, take the piece of paper of your choice and flip it over on its side. Then take the top right corner and fold it over to line up with the middle of the paper (first picture). Do the same thing with the top left corner (second picture).

Step 2: Almost Half Way-ish There

The second step is to take the right corner which you folded and fold it over on its self so that it still lines up with the middle (1st and second picture). Now take the left corner which you folded and fold it over on its self like you did to the right corner (3rd and 4th picture). To the next step!

Step 3: The Body of the Airplane

Now you are building the body of the plane. Fold it in half on itself to make a really thin triangle, one side should be a little bit longer than the other.

Step 4: The Wings

The last step to take in building this paper airplane is to fold half of the right half of the body away from the middle (Pictures 1&2). Now flip the paper airplane over to the other side and do the same to the left half of the body. (Pictures 3&4).

Step 5: You Finished!

Yeah! Now you can test the paper airplane out by throwing it! (Make sure it doesn't poke someone's eye out, land in the jaws of your dog, give you a little paper cut, or any other thing that could go wrong using your plane. Just a warning.)