Introduction: How to Make a Simple "Sunshine" Milkshake

Hello everyone! RevSaw16 here with my first ever tutorial! I was so excited to start doing these tutorials for cooking, crafting, etc. Anyways, my first recipe tutorial is gonna be a simple one! This is a tutorial on how to make what I call a "sunshine shake". It is so fast, simple and easy to make, and it comes out delicious! A great tasting early morning treat or a late night snack! You only need four different ingredients to make this. 

Step 1: Ingredients

1 Pint of Vanilla Ice Cream (Any brand works fine)
Orange Juice (Any brand works fine)
Milk (2% in my opinion tastes the best, but go for any kind of milk you desire)
1 Banana (Sliced into one-half to one inch pieces) 

Tools (not in picture):
Ice Cream Scoop

*Sorry the picture is out of focus!*

Step 2: Step 1: Adding the Ice Cream

First, Open your pint of vanilla ice cream. Place as many scoops of ice cream as you would like into your blender. Once you have the amount of ice cream you would like in your blender, observe how high your pile of scooped ice cream goes, as this will serve as a reference line. 

Step 3: Step 2: Adding the Liquids

Remember that reference line I told you about earlier? Take your orange juice carton, open it up, and pour your orange juice into the blender in such a way that the orange juice goes up to halfway to the reference line. Next take your milk, open it up and pour the milk into the blender to your imaginary reference line. Of course, you do not have to go half and half with the orange juice and milk. You may add as little or as much of the two as you would like! Go ahead! Experiment with different amounts! Be creative!

Step 4: Step 3: Adding the Banana

Next, make sure that your banana is roughly chopped and put it into the blender. *Quick Tip*: The banana will be at it's most flavorful in the shake if you select a nice, yellow banana with a fair amount of brown speckles on it. 

*Again, Sorry the camera was out of focus!*

Step 5: Step 4: Blend It Up!

Close the lid on your blender and blend all the ingredients into a nice smooth liquid. Many blenders and their settings will be different, just make sure you know how to work your home blender, and you should be fine! When you have all the ingredients blended together into a smooth, drinkable mixture, pour it into a nice tall glass. Depending on how much ice cream you put in your blender, you may have some extra left over. In that case, give it to a family member or a friend, or just pour the rest of the milkshake in a glass and store it on your refrigerator for later. 

Step 6: You're Done!

Was it really that difficult to make? And it turned out pretty great! I hope you enjoy this "Sunshine Shake" homemade recipe! Stay tuned to RevSaw16 for more food based and cooking content!