How to Make a Small Pillow




Introduction: How to Make a Small Pillow

Be able to make a small pillow under 20 minutes.

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials

You will need all the items below (or in the picture)

1 pair of scissors

1 spool of thread

1 needle

a lot of sewing pins ( about 20 or so depending on the size of your pillow)

something to draw on the fabric ( i recommend chalk because it wipes away easy)

Pillow stuffing ( as much as you need to fill your pillow)

material to encase the stuffing (sizing dependent on how big you want your pillow

Step 2: Create the Outside of the Pillow

Place your material on a flat surface.

Draw out a square the same size want your pillow to be.

Add about a centimeter to each side as a clearance.

Cut out that square.

Do this step 2x

You should now have two squares that are identical.

Step 3: Pin It All Up

Place your two squares on top of each other so that they line up exactly. - if you have a design or picture that you want on the outside of the pillow- you want that to be the side touching the other one(inside/not facing out)-

If the two pieces of fabric do not then cut them so they equal each other.

Use your pins to secure the two pieces together.

Place about 4 pins to a side about 1-2 cm away from the edge. (Look at picture if you need more guidance)

Make sure that when you pin the cloth that you have both pieces in the pin.

Step 4: Sewing!

Get enough thread that you can sew three sides of the pillow with some thread remaining.

Thread your needle and tie a not at the end.

Start at a corner of your pillow and put your needle through both pieces of material.

Sew one stitch on each side of the pillow (as shown in the pictures.)

Keep going to you finish 3 sides of the pillow.


Step 5: Tying the Knot

When you are done sewing three sides of the pillow do one more small stitch on one side.

Hook your needle under the last small stitch.

As you pull the thread you will notice that you are making a loop.

Put your needle through the loop and pull until a knot forms.

Once a small knot forms, hook your needle under the stitch and repeat the same steps to make another knot.

This way the knot will be stronger.

Once you have made a double knot, cut off the remaining thread.

Step 6: Flip

Next take out all of the pins from the boarder of your pillow.

Once all the pins are removed reverse your pillow. ( as seen in picture )

It should no be inside out. This creates a nice seam.

Step 7: Stuffing

Take your pillow stuffing and fill your pillow enough so that it is plump but so that you can still easily sew the last side closed.

Fold over the edge of the last side (about an inch) and pin the entire side so it holds

Do the same with the opposite edge.

You should now have the two sides folded and pinned and ready to start sewing the last edge.

Step 8: Last Edge

Re-thread your needle and make sure to have enough to sew this last side and to have a little left over.

Once you have a knot at one end start by putting the needle through the inseam on one of the corners on this side (as seen in the picture)

Pull the needle through the side of the fabric and start sewing small stitches connecting both pieces of the pillow.

Instead of the big stitches like last time this time you want to do small ones since you can see these on the outside.

Make sure every stitch goes through both pieces of the fabric.

Continue sewing till the end of the edge.

Do the same knot sewing process like in step 5.

Cut the excess string after tying the knot.

And you have your pillow!

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    5 years ago

    These also work well for pin cushions if they're stuffed tightly :)