Introduction: How to Make a Small Underground Secret Compartment

I show how to make a secret compartment from a pill bottle and a rock. A pine cone or stick/piece of wood mulch can also be used instead of a rock and will act as a marker for the secret compartment. The compartment is made from a pill bottle or waterproof container that is painted dark green or brown. This is so if part of it is uncovered by an animal or a strong wind it will not be as noticeable as if it was just white. The rock, pine cone or stick is glued to the lid of the pill bottle/container which is then buried in a hard to spot area. It is buried so the marker is at ground level and doesn’t look out of place. I put mine under a low hanging branch so the branch needs to be moved to even see the marker. You can use this to hold small things such as a spare house key.

Step 1: ​Materials

- Empty Pill Bottle or Watertight Container

- Epoxy or Glue

- Brown or Green Spray Paint

- A Rock, Pine Cone or Stick

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)