How to Make a Solder Less Bread Board.

Introduction: How to Make a Solder Less Bread Board.

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What You Need
1. 1 flat stryofoam ( the kind that comes in a new Television)
2. Some PVC Tape
3. A Butter knife/razor blade
4. Two terminals
5. Some foil
6. A battery
7. A tester
8. Some truncking material
9. Card board

Step 1: Packaging Material.

Take the packaging material and cut it using the razor/breadknife.

Step 2: Make the Necessary Holes.

Use the knife and cut two or more holes depending on the size of packaging material that you have.
Then take the knife and cut the terminal holes.

Step 3: Foiling.

Take two strips of foil and fold into a long rectanglel
Paste them under the holes you have made .
Use the PVC tape to hold them.
Make sure they dont touch each other or there will be a short circuit.

Step 4: Terminals.

Take the terminals and put them in their slots.
When they fit pass foil through them and connect to the foil make sure they don't breach unless they short circuit.

Step 5: Couple Up Your Work

Take the carton and cut to the size of your board(subtract the terminal lines).
Use the truncking to close it up.
Determine your positive (+) and negative (-) terminals

Step 6: Test!

Add a battery to the terminals and test
This is a picture of mine in step 7

Step 7:

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