Introduction: How to Make a Space Chair

So you want to make a space chair? This design is made from 1/4 plate steel so be prepared to invest a fair amount of time. This version was made with bloodwood. All pieces are designed to fit snugly and are fabricated with a plasma cutter. The end result is rock solid and the coolest chair you will ever own. All pieces are interlocking to form extremely strong joints. Minimal welding locks joints into place with no visible welds for a clean futuristic look. A custom seat cushion in black naugahid is optional.


1/4 inch plate steel

Exotic wood of your choice

Various button cap hex fasteners

Mig welder

Plasma cutter

Step 1: Foot Assembly

Here are the interlocking pieces that make up 1 foot.

Step 2: Leg Assembly

Here is the leg assembly before stacking. The cutouts not only look good but help to keep the weight down.

Step 3: Foot Assembly Complete

Here the foot pieces are assembled and ready for the leg assembly.

Step 4: Foot and Leg Come Together

Here is the leg assembly prior to inserting through the foot. The long stem is welded from underneath the foot. That's it! One hidden weld and the foot/leg assembly is finished.

Step 5: Finished Foot and Leg Assembly

One hidden weld and the foot/leg assembly is complete.

Step 6: Center Seat Hub

10 inch diameter seat hub has 24 equally spaced slots.

Step 7: Radial Seat Strut

24 struts are needed to complete the seat assembly. The open design saves considerable weight.

Step 8: Seat Hub Center Sub Assembly

Here are the pieces needed for the center hub assembly that supports the seat.

Step 9: Center Hub Assembly

Here the center hub assembly is complete.

Step 10: Arm Rest Plates

Here are the 2 arm rest plates.

Step 11: Arm Rest Plate Support Struts

Here is 1 grouping of the support strut for the arm rest. 2 assemblies are needed, 1 for each arm.

Step 12: Arm Sub Struts

Here are 2 sub struts for the arm rest.

Step 13: Back Rest Support Struts

Here are the back rest support struts. There are 2 assemblies each consisting of 2 pieces each. The 6 small tabs accept the back rest plates.

Step 14: Back Rest Plates

Here are the back rest plates that will accept the sculpted wood. These are welded in place with the wood pieces hiding all welds. A total of 6 are needed.

Step 15: Arm & Back Rests

Here the rests are machined for fine threads. Bloodwood is a dense hardwood that holds up well to tapping threads.

Step 16: Finished Bloodwood

Here the rests are sculpted and sanded smooth. Just some clear wax is buffed on to bring out the natural color. Thickness is a little over 1 inch. Button cap machine screws attach from behind to hide all welds and give a clean finished look.

Step 17: Finished Chair

The finished chair weighs 95 pounds and load tested to1,500 pounds with a deflection of less than 1/4 inch.