Introduction: How to Make a Sturdy Creation From Card Stock

This is a detailed guided on how to make a sturdy creation from card stock

Step 1: Choosing What to Make

In this project, I'll be making a miniature Masters Sword from Zelda (although in the end I changed it a lot). You can make just about anything you want, including toy knives/swords. Just remember that the more the detail you add the more difficult it will be to make.

Step 2: Materials

To begin you're going to need the following:

-Depending on the Size of Your Project, 10-15 Pieces of Card-stock (80-120 pound compression)


-1 Glue Stick

-(Optional) Hot Glue Gun



Step 3: Getting Started

Begin by folding all of your card-stock in half, length wise, and then gluing the two sides together. Next, cut your shapes out. I'm making mine into two parts: the handle and the blade. I'm also going to cut out a few extra pieces to act as accessories. Then, glue your pieces together until they're sturdy enough to stand on their own.

Step 4: Letting It Dry

Once you've cut your shapes out, put a heavy book over your pieces and let them dry over night. In the morning you can begin to put the parts together. If you need to, get a hot glue gun and glue the hilt to the blade or whatever your project requires. Let your creation dry over night and then you're almost done!


Children are advised to get parental supervision when handling hot glue guns!

Step 5: Painting (Optional)

If you want, you can take this project to another level of awesomeness by painting it. As you can see my Masters Sword ended up looking really cool, although I chose not to paint since I didn't have any paint. If you have any spray paint, I can imagine that would work really well for this. I would suggest you start with a sword or a knife as those are rather easy to make and don't take up much time. When I first did this, I made a Karambit, which is a cool looking knife. I also made the mistake of using liquid glue instead of stick glue. This made the paper all bubbley and uneven, and I didn't cut my shapes out before gluing the paper together, so I ended up having to use a dremel to cut them out.

I hope you enjoyed the project!