Introduction: How to Make a Tassel Using a Book and Wool

These instructions will show you how to make an easy tassel.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies and Start Your Tassel

Things you will need: a book, wool, and scissors.

Take the book, then undo the wool a little bit to separate from the wool.

Step 2: Wrapping Wool Around Book

Place end piece of wool on bottom of open edge of the book, hold it in place and wrap wool around 30 times.

Step 3: Now Make a Tail

Then undo an extra 20 cm of wool to have a tail which will over hang from the open edge of the book.

Step 4: Now Weave Another 20 Cm of Wool

Now cut another 20 cm of wool from the ball and weave through the wool on the front of the book and then slide wool down to the spine of book and tie in a triple knot.

Step 5: Then Take the Scissors

Then take the scissors and cut wool on far right side of book where the book opens opposite to where you tied the triple knot.

Step 6: Cut Another 20 Cm of Wool

Then fold over wool until it looks like an octopus then cut another 20 cm of wool from the ball of wool.

Step 7: Wrap Around Wool

Wrap around wool in a triple knot about 2-3 cm from top of wool.

Step 8: Then Shorten

Then shorten the long bits of wool to make it all even with the shorter bits of wool using the scissors .

Step 9: Finished

Now your tassel is finished.