Introduction: How to Make a Template for a Miniature House

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Want to make a tiny house but need a template? Look no further! In just a few easy steps you can create a house of your desired size! This process takes only about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials you'll need to make a solid template!

1. A thin piece of cardboard, like a cereal box (or a box of corndogs!)
2. Pencil
3. Scissors or a razor
4. Ruler
5. Tape (stuff that doesn't stick well is easier. This is also optional!)

Step 2: Draw the Pattern Out!

1. Draw two straight lines your desired distance apart on the cardboard (mine was about an inch apart). At this point, it doesn't matter how long the lines are, but longer is better so you have more space if you make a mistake!

2. Use the ruler and mark equal distances for all four sides and a base. I do my base smaller than my walls since the way I put the house together the walls go along the outside of the base and I need extra space so the walls can stick to each other.

3. On two of the walls, mark the half-way mark and draw a short line the same distance above the box line. This will be the top of the front and back walls. If you'd like, you can just draw one of these and trace it after cutting to get them equal, if you'd prefer that. As long as the walls are the same size!
I drew the lines of the triangle tops by putting the point of the mid-way line and the corner of the box against the ruler and tracing the straight edge.

Step 3: Cut Them Out!

Very carefully cut out the pieces. During the drawing process, if you put the lines further apart this might be easier for you, but because I put mine back to back I had to have a very steady and careful hand while cutting, but it still worked out!

Now for the trimming! Your pieces may be a little off, so it's time to cut them into size! The side pieces should not pass the tops of the front and back pieces (the ones with the triangles on the top). If they are too big the roof won't fit on right

Note: Remember to label your pieces so you know the base, sides and roof! It's much easier later on to piece together :)

Step 4: Roof Roof!

If you haven't already measured out the roof, it's time to now! The roof is made of two pieces about the same size as the wall. As a template, I measured the side wall that I had already cut out.

Step 5: Tape It Up!

I like to try it out before I use it on anything, so I tape it together with easy-to-remove tape that won't tear it in half when you take the tape off.

The way you tape it is with a little tiny space in between the base and the sides (so they can bend into position) then very carefully tape up the sides and finally the roof!

Step 6: Finishing!

Here you have your little house! You can untape it (carefully) and use this as a template for paper houses, clay houses, cardboard houses, whatever you'd like!