Introduction: How To: Make a Terrarium

I feel that terrariums are fun and easy to make yet beautiful after they are done. it is like watching a small peacefull world grow and progress. I hope your terrarium turns out well.


  • Enough soil for the plants to root and you so that you can reach it with your hand while its in the jar or vase
  • A jar or vase
  • Enough moss to cover the area of the soil
  • Small hearty plants that don't need much care or pruning

(You can chose whatever plants you want but make sure they will actually fit in your terrarium. If you use a fish tank it is best to use small ferns and succulents)

Step 2: SOIL

Add soil into what you are using as a jar.


Now, add a layer of moss to the terrarium and leave a small space for the plants you are putting in. Then, lightly push down the moss around the border to make it look naturally grown in.


Where you left space, insert the plants you selected and try to get the roots into the soil.

You are now finished your terrarium, but there is always something you can do, like add ornaments and figures or props into the terrarium.

Remember it doesn't always need to be perfect. If you don't like it at first, let the moss and plants grow. Watch them progress into a beautiful world in a jar.

Then there is one last thing you can do, think about the self-sustaining ecosystem you just created.