Introduction: How to Make a Throwing Star


-your hands

Step 1: Get Two Pieces of Paper

Step 2: Get One Paper and Fold It Until the Crevice at the End Meet

Step 3: Cut Excess Piece Off

Step 4: Fold in Half Then Unfold to Make Guideline

Step 5: Fold Each Half Into Another Half to Guideline

Step 6: Fold That Piece in Half

Step 7: Fold That Piece in Half the Other Way

Step 8: Do the Same to the Second Paper

Step 9: Take One Then Fold the Left Side Down and the Right Side Up

Step 10: Do the Exact Opposite to the Second One

Step 11: Fold the Squares Nto Triangle Till You Get This Shape

Step 12: Fold the Triangles Into the Center of the Shape

Step 13: Flip One Paper Onto the Other

Step 14: Fold Each Sharp Point Into the Pockets

Step 15: Throw and Have Fun