Introduction: How to Make a Toy Gorilla

by Brayden

Step 1: Gather Your Material

Piece of wood

Your template

A pen/pencil

miter/table saw


Drill press

Drill bit

Router table





Mat board

Step 2: Find a Photo for Template

Look up a side view of the animal you want to make and find a good one.

Step 3: Print It Out and Trace the Figure

You should print your picture out and then trace it to the shape you want. After tracing it you should cut it out like in the bottom picture.

Step 4: Make Your Template

Trace your cut out picture on a piece of mat board. Then cut the new traced image, with scissors or a knife. But be careful to not cut the wrong thing.

Step 5: Trace and Cut Your Blank

You need to trace your template on a piece of wood not in the middle more towards the side. After tracing it you cut it with the miter saw or the table saw.

Step 6: Cut It Out

Use the Bandsaw to cut out your image, for cutting between the legs make relief cuts. Which is when you cut straight in and stop at the line and make like three or four cuts. Then go at an angle and cut across on both sides then you can get in and cut the rest.

Step 7: Router

Take your image and go over all the edges on both sides of the toy. If there is a spot that you can’t get to, you will need to sand it later.

Step 8: Drilling the Axle Holes

When you are drilling the holes make sure you keep clearing the wood chip by going in and out of the hole. Also put a piece of wood underneath so you don’t hit the platform. Another thing is make sure the drill bit is in the center before you start drilling.

Step 9: Sand

When sanding make sure the edges look good and smooth. Also make sure the hole thing is smooth and not rough. Another thing is to get the spot that you could not get with the router.

Step 10: Paint Job

Trace your temple on a piece of white paper and then draw what you want to draw on your wood. But try not to paint the entire thing because then you can’t recognize that it is wood.

Step 11: Add the Wheels

Put the glue on the inside of the hole and not on the axis Then stick the axal though the wheel and then put it in the hole.

Step 12: Conclusion

That is how you make a wooden toy that looks like a gorilla. Make sure there is no sharp edges that can cut someone. Also Make sure that there is no splintery spots so kids can get splinters.