Introduction: How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner With Dc Motor:10 Steps(with Pictures)

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Project time: 1 hour

To make Vacuum Cleaner Project step by step at home using plastic bottle is a great idea for DIY project presentation. This instructable was bring to you from my channel I have made many videos on simple homemade inventions and projects on my channel, you can view my channel here.

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in this instructable i will show you both video and article tutorial to build your own vacuum cleaner at home easily. The vacuum cleaner is used for sucking dust from flooring, furniture, table, window curtain etc.


There is a different type of Vacuum Cleaner available as per design, configurations, technologies in the market.

. Hand held vacuum cleaner

. Upright vacuum cleaner

. Canister vacuum

. Drum vacuum cleaner

. Wet/dry vacuum

. Pneumatic vacuum cleaner

. Backpack vacuum cleaner

. Cyclonic vacuum cleaner

. Robotic vacuum cleaner

In this instructable I will show you how to make hand-held vacuum cleaner at home. Watch the below video if you wish to see know more about it and follow my instructable instruction step by step.


Materials required:-

. Plastic bottle (Big or small)

. Dc motor

. 5000 mah battery or more required

. A piece of net

Major materials:-

. GLUE gun

. Soldering iron and paste

. Pen (for scaling)

. Steel cutter

. Scissors

. A hose

. Compass set(for marking)

. Tape rule

. Switch (ON & OFF)

. Cardboard

If you can find the materials in your area just order for it online from a trusted site of your choice that you trust.

Step 1: Cutting of the Plastic Bottle

Draw a round circle around the bottle edge as shown in the image. make sure you use a adequate materials to cut the bottle in order to get correct measurements.

All the parts like a motor, filter, battery are fitted inside the bottle.

Step 2: Fixing of Motor and Fan Together

in order to make Vacuum Cleaner to work effectively you need to buy a dc motor then because old one would have weak.

. Make a tiny hole at the center of the bottle cap, and insert the wire of the the "DC motor" into the cap through the hole you make. Place the DC motor into the bottle cap put gum around the motor to make it stay strong.

. Then gently insert the fan you made onto the DC motor pin and apply a glue on the pin to make it attach to the fan firmly.

Now you are done with the vacuum cleaner Rotating fan.

Step 3: Make a Hole Below the Bottle(important)

Make a hole on the bottom of the bottle so that the rotating fan will be able to absorb air into the vaccum bottle. Without making a hole below the bottle the rotating fan won't be able to work adequately.

Step 4: Making of the Vacuum Cleaner Fan

Take the Aluminium sheet you obtained from the deodorant bottle. Just take one of the cut plastic bottle and put it on the the aluminum sheet for as measurement. Sketch around the open circumference of the bottle with a marker pen. Now cut the marked piece out of the aluminum sheet to make a wonderful round disc.

Take your steel ruler and draw four sets of vertical lines to split the round disc into eight equal parts meeting at the center of the disc.Make a hole at the center of the round sheet you cut with hammer and nail.Leave a small space from the hole. This can produce eight”wings” linked by a small segment of the sheet.Cut this all wing with Scissor.Now twist the wings at exactly the identical direction to create your own fan blades. Do this processing as shown in the image.

Step 5: Attaching of the Rotating Fan to the Bottle

. Apply glue/gum to the bottom of the bottle cap that you use for rotating fan.

. Place the rotating fan gently into the bottle and make sure it stick firmly to the bootle.

Step 6: Making of the Absorbing Hose

Absorbing hose work is to direct every waste and dust into the bottle, make sure that the hose is not too much so that it would be easy for it to absorb waste and dust into the bottle.

If you wish to use a longer hose just make sure to buy a bigger dc motor that is bigger that the one being used presently in order to be able to produce more air.

. Look for a small bottle that can be fit for the mouth of the hose as shown in the image and then cut the the bottle top.

. Fix the hose into the mouth of the bottle top being cut and apply gum/glue to make it firm/strong.

. Insert the second end of the hose into the mouth of the vacuum bottle cover and apply gum/glue.

Step 7: Making of the Dust Filter

Filter is a compulsory part, it is the one that will be filtering any unrelevant particle absorb by the vacuum. You cam make a filter by making use of net or cloth that look like net.

. Take the cardboard and use the half of the bottle being cut to measure a round circle on the cardboard,then cut the circle out of the cardboard.

. Draw a small round circle into the circle, then cut the circle out.that will make a hole in the cardboard.

. Place the net on the middle of the cardboard and apply a glue to make it stick with the cardboard.

trim the net on the edge to make it fit in the bottle.

. Place the filter on the bottle and put gum/glue round the filter and bottle.

Now we are done with the filter.

.use the head of the bottle being use for the vacuum to cover the second bottle.

Step 8: Power Supply

Now we are almost done, we are going to use the 5000mah battery in this step. it's this battery that will generate electricity for the vacuum cleaner to operate.

. Put a glue on the top of the vacuum cleaner bottle and place the battery on it (allow it to dry).

. Conjoin the positive wire (red/white) of the battery and the switch together, do the same for the Negative wire (black/blue).

. Make a hole at the side of the vacuum cleaner bottle and insert the switch then apply gum/glue on it.

Step 9: Handle and Stand

For you to be able to enjoy your vacuum cleaner, it has to have handle and stand. Take iron sheet and bend it to the shape of your choice to make it as an handle for the cleaner.

Look for any strong foam, cut to to the shape of your choice and apply it to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner as the stand.

Step 10: Finishing and Testing

Now we are done with our vacuum cleaner project, it's time for you to use it effectively as you like.

You will no more need to be stressing your self on sweeping the floor or rug with broom, this vacuum cleaner will clean everything for you neatly.

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